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Caitlin & Ben's Wedding Video

Posted on November 3, 2016

It can be argued that photography is one of the most important costs of a wedding budget. For many brides, their wedding day becomes a blur. Investing in a great photographer is an obvious decision. But what about a videographer? Having a physical copy of a photo album is a great way to remember your wedding. But having the ability to actually relive those precious moments in real time is a treasure.

Ben and Caitlin mini highlight from Jeff Kolodny on Vimeo.

If you are picking out priorities for your wedding budget, you shouldnt immediately cut out hiring a videographer. You might think that you wont watch the video often and the price isnt worth it. Wouldnt you want to record one of the biggest moments of your life? If you had the opportunity to have those moments on video, you wouldnt exactly watch it just once at year. You also might think that you can rely on guests to record the ceremony and reception on their own. Once the drinks start flowing, youll wish you had hired a professional.

We recently photographed Caitlin and Bens South Florida wedding. But, the couple also asked us to record their special day. The ceremony and reception was held at the Hillsboro Club in Hillsboro Beach. Its a private club nestled into 15 acres of gorgeous beaches and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The venue gave us an opportunity to capture some beautiful moments, both in pictures and in video.

Caitlin and Ben choose a perfect wedding destination venue, and we couldnt have had a more beautiful location to photograph and video. The Hillsboro Club is recognized by their famous lighthouse, which made a gorgeous backdrop in the couples pictures and videos. These gorgeous views of the Atlantic makes the location a perfect destination venue for any South Florida destination wedding. The venue practically decorates itself, so brides dont have to worry about planning every little decor detail.

Check out provided Caitlin and Bens wedding video. As you can see, there are some beautiful and intimate moments captured on video that would be difficult to pull off with just photography. By adding in videography, you can see the stunning location, clear ocean waters, and a behind the scenes look at our photo session. Caitlin made a beautiful and photogenic bride, and thats especially clear in the wedding video. In addition to the breathtaking ceremony and reception, Caitlin and Bens guests got to enjoy all of the amenities of the Hillsboro Club. This includes onsite lodging, a spa and fitness center, private beaches, games, and a pool. Theres even a golf course to enjoy before and after the big day.

There are many details when it comes to planning your dream wedding. Many brides stress about finding the perfect photographer and videographer for their big day. You should not have to sacrifice items in your wedding budget to hire the best photographer and videographer. We can offer you both. You can have gorgeous wedding portraits hanging in your home. And, you can also have a high quality video to show off to your family and friends. Its your dream wedding. And you should have the ability to relieve every moment for years to come.

Written by Shelby Chiasson for Jeff Kolodny Photography & Video.

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