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Haley & Elie’s Destination Palm Beach Wedding at The Breakers

Posted on January 28, 2013

We recently had the pleasure of photographing Haley & Elie’s destination wedding at the fabulous Breakers hotel in Palm Beach. Albert and Liz worked together at this wedding, capturing many great shots of the beautiful bride and groom and also of the magnificent décor created by the incomparable Breakers Design Studio. Trina Chaney-Hoo of The Planning Company, along with her team, coordinated every detail of this wedding perfectly in conjunction with Sascha LaGreca of The Breakers

Our video team was also on hand to capture this gorgeous event. Haley and Elie were great to work with and we roamed around as much of this magnificent venue as we could. There is no lack of places to shoot beautiful photos at The Breakers – the outdoor areas offer a wide variety of green areas, impeccable flowers, and of course the sparkling Palm Beach ocean.

We love photographing weddings at The Breakers – and many of them are destination weddings. So many people visit the incomparable Breakers hotel and just HAVE to have their weddings there. It is truly a magical place – there’s really no place else like it anywhere. It exudes class, elegance and unparalleled service. Not to mention incredible cuisine, created by their world class chefs. Attention to detail is paid to every aspect of each event here and it shows! Haley and Elie had a smaller wedding, but everything about it was first class – the floral arrangements were gorgeous and the ceremony set-up was stunning.

As South Florida wedding photographers, myself, Albert and Liz enjoy working all around the area. The Breakers, however, remains a special location to us. Every time we work there we find new and incredible areas to photograph brides and grooms. The more time we have with them, the better! We love putting our creative juices to work and shooting in a place like The Breakers allows us to do just that. When brides and grooms call us and are planning a South Florida destination wedding and ask our advice, The Breakers immediately comes to mind. The venue is so vast and has so many different sized rooms, it can pretty much handle any size wedding – from 20 people to 300 people – no problem.

We would like to thank Trina Chaney-Hoo of The Planning Company and Sascha LaGreca as well as Haley and Elie for allowing us to be a part of such a fun and beautiful wedding!

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