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A Perfect “DIY” South Florida Wedding

Posted on October 7, 2009

When preparing for a wedding, no detail is too small. However, more and more brides find themselves unable to get their “perfect wedding” due to rising costs and often try and save money by compromising on a few things. Some will compromise on the food and some on the venue, but this isn’t always necessary.
One of the best examples we can give you of someone who strategically planned her wedding day without compromising on quality is Emily Clouser who planned the perfect Boca Raton wedding. When Emily started planning her wedding to Cesar, whom she met while working as a Catering Director at Boca Pointe Country Club, she wanted to cut costs by artistically making some of the decorations herself, or reusing older ones she had lying around.
The theme for her wedding was butterflies and the colors she chose were pale pink, silver and white. She loves all things antique, so she was able to use plenty of older decorations that she found at lower costs. She used votive holders that she’d bought for another event, used a shabby chic scrap book she had previously bought from Target as her guest book.
Her dress and ring both fit the theme perfectly and she even had her ring custom made to look antique. She also bought her jewelry online and was able to find something that fit her wedding theme and colors perfectly. She found rhinestone cameras online and the same website had the butterfly favor boxes, butterfly cupcake wrappers and rhinestone butterfly holders she used to hold the message for the cameras on the tables. Her favorite flowers are Peonies and Roses, so they were used in the arrangements on the big day.
Instead of buying an expensive wedding cake, she and her friends got together and baked cupcakes instead and put them on cake stands. This way, they were also able to cut out on the hassle of having to cut and serve the enormous cake they would have otherwise had. For her candy table, she purchased candy from all over the place and then put it into candy jars for which she made the tags herself. She used apothecary jars she already had and purchased the remaining materials from Home Goods. The candy she bought was all silver, white and pink. Most of the materials for the candy tables she ordered from the internet to save costs.
While Emily saved on decorations by using her creative abilities, she also tied everything to the theme together perfectly. She used a butterfly theme for her wedding and everything from the candy table to the flowers and menu cards were tied together by this theme and its colors, making her wedding decorations look anything but cheap. She enlisted our company as her South Florida wedding photographer, to ensure that she had perfect pictures of her and her loved ones on this special day. Emily knew us from her position at Boca Pointe Country Club. She also worked out her floral arrangements through a florist with whom she works frequently as well.
Since we are in the business and speak to brides constantly, we can safely say that cutting on photography for your wedding is probably not a good idea. This aspect of your wedding is a worthwhile investment as the photography is the one element that remains. As with any artistic service, photographers usually come with the “get what you pay for” products and service. The wedding can be expensive but if the wedding photography doesn’t come out well, those memories may be lost forever due to lack of experience. Therefore it is important that you hire a good, experienced photographer for your big day.

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