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Picture Perfect in your Wedding Gown

Posted on May 7, 2009

Looking beautiful in your wedding dress is not just a matter of perfect hair and make-up application or even in the gown you select for yourself. Much of how you actually look in your wedding photographs is due to the skill and creativity of your wedding photographer. Of course, choosing the most flattering and appropriate gown is also very important and often guidance of a professional is needed to assist in this crucial decision. We will address the importance of hiring a skillful photographer further down in this article, but for now I’ll address the dress situation.

Dress below by Manuel Mota.

The first, and perhaps most exciting task for a newly engaged woman is to venture out to shop for the perfect wedding gown. This project can take as little as one afternoon of targeted shopping or months of frustrating trips to bridal shop after bridal shop with next to no progress. It is obviously best, then, to target your shopping as much as possible to avoid wasting time and possibly paying rush charges to have your dress ready in time for your wedding day. Jan Corcoran and Jack Jones of Boca Raton Bridal and Consultants, have told us that brides need to be saavy and smart when making this most special purchase. In addition to being realistic as to what gown styles might suit her best, a bride also needs to be realistic about her budget as she begins to sift through racks of designer gowns as opposed to “non-designer” gowns. While large chains such as David’s Bridal carry a huge selection of gowns, many are non-designer brands and are oriented to more budget conscious brides to be. Jan and Jack’s shop, Boca Raton Bridal, however specializes in higher end designer brands such as Vera Wang, Kenneth Pool and Jenny Lee just to name a few. Anyone who knows fashion will be aware that these are exclusive designers and ones that can command a higher price tag for their high fashion looks. An individual boutique shop such as Boca Raton Bridal also prides itself on more individualized service for its clients which is part of what brides pay for when they shop there. This attention and detail to service is worth every penny, as it helps alleviate the stress involved in making such a large and important purchase.

Jan and Jack can be counted on to assist a bride in selecting the most flattering gown for her figure and personality. The gown will, in fact, become an true reflection of the bride herself on her wedding day. Jan and Jack are experts in helping each bride choose exactly what is right for her. If a bride is small and short, for example, a large heavy dress with a long train might be overwhelming, both in appearance and practicality. Whereas, a taller bride might be able to wear such a dress with no problem and appear elegant and regal, not clumsy while walking down the aisle. The most important factors are for the bride not to be overwhelmed or “under”whelmed by her gown, she should look natural and comfortable in her dress. After all, she will be wearing it all day and night – dancing in it, sitting in it, walking in it.

Dress below by Kenneth Pool.

Recently, we conducted a photo shoot with Boca Raton Bridal at the incredible Acqualina Resort in Miami Beach, Florida. The shots included in this article represent how posed the models to show off their best assets as well as highlight the unique features of the gowns. The gowns featured were by designers Manuel Mota, Kenneth Pool and Jenny Lee. This was a staged photo shoot, but as on a real wedding day it is vitally important to position the bride in a flattering pose, yet in the most natural way possible. Placing her in the best lighting situation is also crucial to the outcome of the picture. The light must be hitting both the bride and the dress just so in order to look appealing and even. As most wedding dresses are white, they tend to “blow out” if there is too much light on them. It is important to be aware of this factor as a blown out wedding dress will lack any detail in the picture and simply look like a bright white glowing gown. So many dresses have intricate details, such as beading or lace – details that are meaningful to the bride who selected them, that improperly lighting the gown could be disastrous in terms of final look of the photographs.

Dress below by Jenny Lee.

When photographing a bride, it is important to lay out the train of the dress to illustrate how that feature looks as well. It certainly doesn’t have to laid out in every photo, but in photos that are showing primarily the back of the dress, or full length from the side, it looks much neater and prettier to have the dress laid out properly. Also, I make it a point to photograph close-ups of the details of each gown, whether it is beading, lace or simply the way the fabric is gathered. It is always nice to have time at a wedding to take a variety of photographs of the bride in different poses to show her off in her most special dress. If short on time, I make sure to get at least one full length shot with the dress laid out, and half or quarter length shots that show the details closer up as well as the bride’s face, veil etc.

We always look forward to planning photo shoots with a shop such as Boca Bridal, as we have the time to really focus on how to make the gowns look amazing on the girls without having the stress of an actual wedding day to contend with. We have another shoot coming up soon, so we will follow-up this article with some more examples from that shoot and more shopping tips as well.

Dress below by Jenny Lee.

For more information on Boca Raton Bridal, please visit their website at:

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