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The First Look

Posted on December 19, 2008

Tradition used to dictate that a groom didn’t see his bride in her wedding gown until she walked down the aisle. Like so many other wedding traditions, this one no longer stands and I have to say, planning a “First Look” really is a better plan. When you are planning a wedding in a place a beautiful as South Florida you want as much time to enjoy it as possible.

Here is the set up. I arrange a private location for you to meet and since I do so much wedding photography in and around South Florida I know them all. I set it up for the groom to see his beautiful bride for the first time much as would happen at a traditional ceremony. The difference is, instead of doing it in front of several hundred people, you are in private and truly free to express those most intimate emotions. The only one there besides you is me, briefly, to capture the look on the grooms face and the light in his eyes. I then leave you alone.
Once the couple has had a few minutes to savor the moment we can capture all of the posed shots while everyone is still at their freshest and most relaxed. This also has the added benefit of no one having to rush. Your guests aren’t waiting for you to arrive at the reception and your bridal party isn’t anxious to head out for food and drinks. I am truly able to capture all those shots for you in the best possible environment.
Another advantage to having a “First Look” is that you won’t miss the cocktail hour you worked so hard to plan at The Breakers or the Ritz Carlton or any one of our other gorgeous South Florida locations. After the ceremony your guest will want to congratulate you and you will want to enjoy your party. This way you don’t have to stop in the middle for an hour or more to get the pictures that you want. They are already done.
From my point of view as the person you have hired to capture the moments of your wedding day, it is easier to let the day unfold naturally after the ceremony instead of having to interrupt you to get the needed shots. I can spend more time one on one with you and get the best shots possible. After the ceremony, I find that most couples are anxious to move on and want to rush through the photo shoot. This solves all that.
The thing I hear consistently from couples that have chosen to do a “First Look” is how relaxed they were afterwards. One of the secrets to great upscale wedding photography is having a relaxed bride and groom to photograph.

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