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Creating a wedding photography timeline.

Posted on September 29, 2019

This article is a short version of a much longer more detailed article explaining how to create a wedding photography timeline. The information here is formatted for my older website. Which you could read here. Or If you would like to read the full article below is the link to the full post.

Creating a wedding photography timeline (Link to expanded article)

A photography timeline that is well though out and also flexable is one of the best ways to help wedding couples enjoy their day and still get the best wedding pictures possible.
I recently wrote an article that walks couples and others involved in wedding planning through the best way to build a photography timeline that includes enough time for photos yet gives the bride and groom time to enjoy their day.

Having a great wedding timeline leaves enough time for the bride and groom photos, family photos, wedding party photos, and all those other must get pictures needed. No bride and groom wants to feel like their wedding day is one giant photo-shoot. One key to achieving this is finishing the pictures at a certain point that gives to couple a break from having to take any more posed photos.

At the bottom of this article I posted a sample wedding photography timeline that anyone can feel free to use. This timeline template can always be changes to adjust for more or less time as needed. If the couple has a large amount of family members more time for posed family photos could be added. In addition, some couples may want to spend more time taking bride and groom photos whiles others may not care so much about bride and groom photos.
In addition the entire time allowance could be cut back and the pictures can be consolidated. For example, instead of photographing the bride with each bridesmaid, a group shot of all the girls instead would free up time. Or instead of the bride and groom alone with each family the photographer could just shoot one grouping with each side.

When I work with a couple or the couples event planner I always start with a flexible timeline then after reviewing the timeline with the bride and groom I’ll refine it so that the end result is a timeline that makes everyone happy.
I always start creating my photography timeline with the ceremony. By doing this I can work backwards and create a timeline allows time for each group of photos. getting ready, family photos, bride and groom photos.

Below is a sample wedding timeline that can be used to create your wedding timeline.

1:30PM – Photographer starts with getting ready photos.
2:30PMPM –First Look with bride’s father
3:00PM – Bride’s family and bridesmaids pictures. (Groom is hiding away so he does not see her.)
4:00PM – Groom’s family and groomsmen pictures
5:00PM – Posed photography ends, bride make-up touch up before ceremony.
6:00PM – Ceremony Starts
7:00PM – Pictures after the ceremony

If your wedding plans call for no first look please visit my longer more detailed post here:

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South Florida Photographer (Latest Instagram Posts)

Posted on September 15, 2019

It’s been a while since I shared some of my latest Instagram photo. Posting photos to Facebook and Instagram is great but it doesn’t allow me the opportunity to explain my motivation or the technical challenges I have to over come to create the image. As a wedding photographer in South Florida I find that I’m always faced with unique opportunities to get awesome wedding photos. Below are a few photos and more info about each photo.

ABOVE: This photo was taken at The Breakers in Palm Beach FL. The bride and groom were so easy to photograph. All I had to do was give them the slightest bit of direction and their expressions made the photos come alive. For this photo I played around this different F-Stops until I got the perfect – Lens Bokeh –If you have never heard the term Lens Bokeh it is: the visual quality of blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of a photograph. Bokeh produced by the way a lens records the out-of-focus points of light. Lens aberrations and aperture shape cause some lenses to blur the image in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Bokeh occurs in parts of the photo that is outside the depth of field. Photographers often photograph with a wide f-stop to create images with prominent out-of-focus background. In addition out of focus points of light appear as circles in the out of focus parts of the photograph.

In the above photo, I just love how the bokeh looks in this photo. When creating this photo, I first tested to shot for nice bokeh, then I ran over and got the bride and groom to pose for me.

The most difficult part of taking this photo was setting up the “First Look” between the bride and groom. My process for the first look is simple. First, I get the groom and bring him to the first look location. When choosing locations for the bride and grooms first look I choose a spot with good easy lighting and few distractions. The idea is to get great photos of the couple’s expression when they’re first see each other.
This wedding took place at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale. The hotel had a deck that over looked the ocean and Fort Lauderdale Beach. It was the perfect place for the first look. Since the lighting looking at the ocean was very bright and the couple was in the shaded hotel deck I had to use my flash to match the lighting.

Once the bride and groom saw each other they were very emotional which made for some awesome first look wedding photos. This shot is only one in a sequence of awesome photos. There are so many awesome hotels in Fort Lauderdale and couples have so many great choices when planning their weddings. However, this deck at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale is one of the best I’ve found. After the first look we went to the lobby for more photos and for the family photos. Since the Hilton in Fort Lauderdale is right across form the street I was able to get some fantastic beach photos as well!

Another “First Look” photo, taken at Boca Point Country Club in Boca Raton, FL
This photo was taken by my staff photographer Albert. Boca Point Country club is one of our favorite places to photography weddings. The lake in the background of this photo made this a nice scenic photo. However, that really made this shot was the brides arms stretched out and her awesome expression. Boca Point Country Club has many fantastic places to photos and this area was no exception. Taken next to the clubhouse the building was able to cast a nice shadow over the bride and groom. This the day of this wedding was unique because of the South Florida weather. It was rainy, then sunny, and Albert had to shoot out doors when mother nature decided to cooperate. While this wedding photo is Black and White we also have the same shot in color

This photo was taken at the Delray Beach Marriott after the wedding ceremony. This couple had their wedding ceremony inside the hotel ballroom. The really wanted so outdoor beach photos but didn’t want to get sandy or fight the crowd during the day. Saturdays on the beach in a hotspot like Delray can be very crowded. They also didn’t want to miss too much of their cocktail hour. The second the ceremony ended we darted outside and across Ocean Ave to the beach for some photos. It was getting dark so we have to act quickly. There was this lovely path that let through the brush to the ocean. I decided that a walking photo of the bride and groom would be nice. So I had the couple hold hands and walk down the path while I stood on a sandy mound taking photos.

Often I’ll shoot walking photos by having one person lead and the follow; this way the camera sees both people. Since the faces are a few feet apart I use a telephoto lens to compress the people together. This creates the problem of selective focus. If the focus is on one person the other person gets soft focus or no focus. Using a small aperture, which increased depth of field, solves this. Since it was already getting dark and I had all this stuff working against me, I also used a high ISO. Having a professional camera that is excellent in low light is a must when shooting under these conditions.

I really envisioned the bride’s veil blowing behind her. This didn’t happen too easily, however the bride waved her arm up and down which made her veil look like to be blowing behind them. The Delray Beach Marriott is one of my favorite places to work for so many reasons. Having close access to the beach is just one added bonus.
The hotel has many different places to get awesome wedding photos and the staff at the hotel is always a pleasure to work with.

Zack and the Guys. I shot this one on the balcony at the Delray Beach Marriott during the getting ready portion of a wedding. The groom (Zack) was hanging out with his groomsmen checking out the view of the ocean from the Marriott’s balcony. When I arrived I saw this glass table sitting there. Now when I see a glass table it usually think, double reflection. So shooting this came naturally. I feel that it there is an opportunity for a double reflection shot, it needs to be taken. By the way, it goes for a piano. Piano, means “Double Reflection” in my book. Since the guy were so easy to work with and took direction well. Pulling off this photo was easy and fast.


This photo was taken by Albert at a wedding reception. This is often a common sight. However, she was positioned perfectly and posed perfectly with her fluffy companion.

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