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Fun Bat Mitzvah at Broken Sound Country Club

Posted on May 21, 2019

I recently had the experience of photographing a really fun Bat Mitzvah at Broken Sound Country Club. Located in Boca Raton Florida, Broken Sound Country Club is one of my favorite places to photograph. One reason I love photographing at Broken Sound Country Club has to do with all the beautiful shooting locations and all the gorgeous backgrounds available.
Below are 3 photos if Sara at some of the more popular photos sights at Broken Sound Country Club.

The photo on the left was taken at the bottom of Broken Sounds Clock Tower. When you drive past the guard gate the first thin you see at the end if the road is this awesome clock tower. At the bottom of the clock tower is a star case water fountain. Since the fountain is circular your photographer has the option of photographing in any direction and still having the fountain in the background. By changing the camera angle I could put this beautiful backlighting behind the person being photographed.

In the center image of our Bat Mitzvah girl is standing on the sidewalk leading back to that famous clock tower. The sidewalk is lined with very nicely manicured palm trees that create a beautiful visual background. By having our Bat Mitzvah girl shift her weigh to one foot she is able to strike a pose using her other foot to add style to this pose.

On the right is Sara doing a simple hands on hips pose. This was taken at the entrance of Broken Sound Country Club along Yamato Blvd. Sara is facing east and with the low glow of the setting sun she has a nice hair light and beautiful face lighting. I also added a small amount of flash which gave a nice catchlight look to her eyes.

There is no shortage for places to shoot fabulous family portraits at Broken Sound Country Club. The Bat Mitzvah portraits below were around the club grounds. The mitzvah photo on the left was taken using a 200mm portrait lens which I used to throw the background of of focus. This was taken just behind the main clubhouse. The middle photo was taken at the front entrance off Yamato Road. The photo on the right was taken at the same location. Since the actual party didn't start until later in in the evening I had plenty of time to cruise around with the family an select different photo locations.

The wonderful decor was provided by Xqusite events. They always do amazing work. I shoot everything from Weddings and Corporate events and of course Bat / Bar Mitzvahs. It's always refreshing for walk into a wedding or event ballroom and have wonderful decor to shoot. I'm always excited when the decor is done by Xqusite Events.

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Wedding at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach, Florida

Posted on May 4, 2019

Visit to see the full article:

Samantha and Amir had a fantastic wedding at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach Florida, For those not familiar with the Eden Roc, The Eden Roc is one of the most famous hotels in the South Florida area. Located right in the ocean this hotel offers beautiful ocean views and several fantastic pools. Located on Collins Avenue, The hotel was built in 1955 and then was renovated in 2008. It's considered one of Miami Beach Gem Hotels and a great venue to tie the knot.

BELOW: Samantha had the A wedding team at her wedding. Hair and Make-up was done be Rachel's Brides. She also had Jamie Lipman--Rodriguez o from Absolute Wedding & Event Planning as her wedding planner.

After the First Look the bride and groom spent a few minutes alone before we started shooting pictures. This photo was taken outside the Eden Roc's second floor Ballrooms. In case you are wondering the bouquet was created by Petal Productions.

Bridesmaid group hug. Rather than having all her bridesmaids wear the same dresses Samantha had each girl choose her own dress. She did ask that each girl choose bridesmaid gowns that played into the brides color scheme. This was a really fun wedding and photographing the bride and her girls was really easy. They were more than happy to jump into this group hug shot!

The wedding ceremony took place at a time very close to sundown. Since this was a Jewish wedding ceremony, tradition is that the ceremony starts a sundown and ends when its dark outside. It was a windy evening but the flowers and decor held up beautifully and the ceremony was as emotional as it was beautiful.

I have shot many many beautiful weddings in South Florida. However, the decor at Samantha and Amir's wedding was simply wonderful. Raffi from Petal Productions really did a great job with the ballroom decor!

Even though the Eden Roc was renovated somewhat recently the venue still has that look of an older hotel. Don't be fooled by the older style appearance, This hotel is as modern as they come. Here the bride and groom walk down the glass and Marble staircase which is located at the very front of the hotel.

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