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Professional Food Photographer in South Florida

Posted on February 21, 2012

Food photography can enhance your catering business, restaurant, or pre-packaged food business and is becoming an increasingly important commercial medium. If you are looking for South Florida food photography, look no further than us.

Just think back about the last time you flipped through a cookbook. What caught your eye first of all? Was it the text and print? Or was it those delicious, mouth-watering photographs of delicious food? Yes, the photographs came first. They’re what made you want to look up the recipe and maybe even end up buying the book.

That’s what food photography can do for your business as well. It can highlight your catering or restaurant business and add tremendous promotional value. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. A high quality photograph of a delicious food item from your menu will remain in people’s minds for a long time to come.

You should also consider hiring a professional food photographer if you sell frozen pre-packaged meals – especially online, since you will need an experienced photographer who can make your food look more appetizing than your competition’s products. When looking at the food online is the ONLY opportunity a potential customer has to determine whether or not they want to try your products, those pictures had better make the food look appealing and appetizing. It can make all the difference between a sale or no sale.

Food photography is a special art that involves numerous skilled techniques. Knowing how to use lighting is especially important. The right light ensures that the food photographed will have the best appetite appeal for customers. Often natural lighting is best and makes food look most natural.
There is a lot that goes into preparing food for a photo shoot. That’s why a food stylist is so important. A food stylist is someone who can expertly arrange and display food items. It takes someone who’s meticulous and has great skill. An experienced food stylist makes all the difference in professional food photography.

Not only is the way the food is arranged on the plate important, but the context that the food is displayed in is also important. It sets the mood and adds atmosphere. You don’t want a cluttered, crowded arrangement that’s confusing. But a single glass, flower or colored napkin nearby can enhance the display a lot.

Food photography requires knowing how to think and work quickly because food can soon lose its delicious appearance. It tends to melt, wilt, collapse or lose color. But experienced food photographers know how to work around this and will already have their photo in mind, the lighting set up and their camera focused. Sometimes they’ll use a stand-in or prop to get their focus and lighting just right. Then when the food dish comes in, everything is already prepared for a perfect photo shoot.
A perfect photo shoot is what you’re after in food photography. And that’s our goal, too - perfect food photos that will enhance and bring out the best in your restaurant or catering menus.
Food photography is an advanced photographic skill and when you avail of our food photography services, you are assured of the very best. We have specialized in professional photography for weddings and private parties throughout South Florida for many years. If you are looking for an experienced food photographer for your catering business, restaurant, or pre-packaged food business please feel free to call us.

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