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Michelle and Brian’s Wedding at Boca Resort and Temple B’Nai Israel

Posted on January 12, 2009

This beautiful day started with wedding photos at Boca Resort where Michelle and Brian each prepared for their walk down the aisle. The weather was pristine as we photographed both indoors and outdoors at this truly magnificent venue. It’s easy to find great spots to do wedding pictures at Boca Resort – its grounds are lush and the inside of the hotel is sleek and elegant.

Michelle through the window.

Michelle and Brian planned a traditional Jewish wedding in Boca Raton that was held at Temple B’Nai Israel. The ceremony site, though indoors, was given a real “outdoorsy” feel as designed by Benny of Daniel Events in Boca Raton. The reception boasted large and lush topiaries and a heart shaped sweetheart table – such a nice touch! The real masterpiece was the chuppah, which stood as a magnificent centerpiece for the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I see many, many different types of chuppahs – but this one was truly unique.

Michelle looked radiant in her gorgeous form-fitting gown from Boca Raton Bridal and Consultants. Michelle and Brian were real troupers, even after having done a series of photos back at Boca Resort, they wanted to more photos at the temple, mostly at the ceremony site to capture to true beauty of the surroundings. The hanging candles that lined the main aisle, along with the flowers and tall tree-like formations nearly transformed the chapel into an enchanted forest. Michelle and Brian wanted to capture all they could – and I was glad to oblige!

I hope you enjoy these photos of Michelle and Brian’s very special South Florida wedding.

Michelle and her bridesmaids have fun posing for this shot.

A magical entrance...

The chuppah symbolizes the couple's future home together.

Michelle and Brian share a kiss in the aisle of the chapel.

Enchanting reception florals and decor by Benny of Daniels Events.

A sweetheart table in every way!

Another kiss as husband and wife. Congratulations Michelle and Brian!

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Our new toy arrived today!!

Posted on January 9, 2009

Today the UPS man delivered our new Mac Pro Computer. This Apple computer is a real powerhouse. With Two quad-core processors and lots of extra ram memory this machine will help us power through the largest wedding or special event. On the average, I personally photograph about 70+ weddings per year and around 1500 images per wedding. We also shoot all kinds of other events not just in South Florida but all around the country. Let’s not forget our main staff photographer, Albert, who also photographs weddings and events for us. We always shoot unprocessed raw files along with high-resolution jpeg files. As you can imagine, retouching and editing these images requires a huge amount of processing power.

In addition to all the image editing, we also spend lots of time backing up our images. As one of the busiest photography studios in South Florida, we take the “backing up” process of our images very seriously. Once we finish photographing a wedding, every memory card is backed up onto an external hard drive and a DVD is burned and verified and then checked to insure that not only do we have a good burn but your precious wedding pictures are safe and sound backed up on both an external hard drive and on DVD.

Once we have backed up and stored your wedding images we then start the process of editing, color correcting and retouching all the raw images.
It’s a huge process and it’s done with the best equipment available.
Obviously I’m a huge fan of Apple Computers and it’s my belief that if you are a wedding photographer, video producer or a graphic designer, Apple is the way to go.

Of course this new powerhouse is not the only Apple computer we own. Let me take you on a quick blog tour of our photo editing and video production facility.

Our new Mac Pro arrived today complete with extra ram memory, track ball, printer, firewire 800 card reader and 2 external hard drives.

All this cool stuff adds up to one screaming fast photography & video editing machine.

Extra memory chips really help us move our projects along. The G-Drive external hard drive is used to store weddings shot in the raw format.

Here's some more equipment that we use to get the job done. Below is our other Mac Pro set up. YES, Robin went to NYU.

We use the ColorVision Spyder to insure that our brides' white wedding dresses appear white and not off color. Sometimes we have to move or ship large amounts of photographic information across town or even the country. These portable mini hard drives are great for transporting large amounts of photographic or video data.

I love the Lacie drives that are shaped like Lego blocks.

This is our iMac it's loaded with 4 gigs of ram memory. Not as fast as our Mac Pro Towers but it is still fast enough for some image editing and wedding album design. By the way, I'm the lefty and use the track ball, Robin and everyone else who is a righty gets to use the mouse.

This is only computer we have that is not made by Apple. The Kron video editor is used for small video projects. It's a really cool machine and does nice videos.

Our 17 inch Mac Book Pro is a great tool when we need to work on the road. It's fast enough to run Photoshop, iPhoto, iMovie and even final cut. The Mac Book Pro also makes a great presentation and gets used whenever I'm on the road and have to show my photography.

This is our old G5 imac. It's our business machine. It is used to do the boring stuff like contracts, spread sheets, all the stuff I hate doing. YES, I went to Adelphi.

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