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Infrared Wedding Photography

Posted on January 22, 2008

The “Other” Black & White

Anticipated. Cherished. Timeless. Your wedding day. For nearly every bride it is the moment in which perfection meets bliss. Wedding Photography preserves the memories and offers a sentimental glimpse of the bride’s most heartfelt journey.

Over the years, wedding photographers have graduated to a more stylized expressive technique, incorporating cutting-edge, ultra-chic snapshots with a unique design form and artistic flair. In fact, the wedding images are actually compiled to present more than just a catalog of wedding pictures; wedding albums now tend to convey the “total experience” of the bride and groom – their personal experience. From the “behind the scenes” pre-ceremony stages to the final dance of the evening, successful photographers capture each segment of this fantastical celebration. Digital photography has virtually replaced film, offering the unlimited ability to transform the wedding images in order to propel the actualities of the day to new, more amazing artistic heights.

Color wedding images are often blended with black and white or sepia tones to further create a unique appearance; however, the line of creativity doesn’t stop there. So, what is this “other” black and white? It is infrared photography, a separate and distinct method of shooting photographs. Although in existence for seventy years, infrared photography is making a comeback into the world of wedding photography. This rare and favorably stylized art form offers an additional option for highlighting those extraordinary moments.

At first glimpse, infrared wedding photography looks similar to traditional black and white wedding photography. Upon closer inspection, though, infrared’s unusual tonality is recognized and often appreciated. Objects that are normally bright in visible light (such as sky) appear dark, and objects that are typically dark (such as green and brown foliage) acquire a luminous glow. Infrared is almost a reversal of the image’s “normal” tones. The effects of this distinctive art produce radiant, shining greenery, darkened sky settings, and soft, delicate shadows. Infrared wedding images can be described as ethereal, dreamlike, maybe even a bit surreal. These effects gently complement the romantic mood of the wedding photographs. An outdoor nature scene, shot in infrared, gives off a winterland fantasy feel, complete with “snow-draped” trees and fluffy white greenery. Similarly, an infrared wedding portrait produces elegant, fine skin tones and curious, almost translucent eye color adaptations. Unique. Artistic. Imaginative.

Since infrared Wedding photography requires extreme technical know-how and can be extremely difficult to shoot – even under the best conditions, there are few photographers who have mastered this art form. One skilled photographer who excels in the area of infrared photography is Jeff Kolodny. With twenty-five years in business as a professional wedding photographer and award-winning recognitions, Jeff is able to offer the bride versatility. He will custom-shoot each event and then create a stylized album, designed to her liking, often incorporating infrared images into the mix. Jeff Kolodny Photography is based in South Florida. He can be reached at (561) 965-9582 or you can visit his website at If you would like to see samples of his latest wedding photography feel free to visit his blog at

Written by Carolyn Lasater for Jeff Kolodny Photography, Inc.

This romantic image was taken at the beach just across the street from the Delray Beach Marriott. Notice how the leaves on the trees have a white snow-like look to them. This is one of the effects of infrared wedding photography. For this image, I created a split tone effect in which most of the image has a sepia color but the shadows have been tinted just slightly blue.

Shooting weddings at the Delray Beach Marriott is always a pleasure because of its beautiful Ocean Boulevard entrance that is lined with European style pillars and its high- class marble floors in the lobby.

If you are having a Delray Beach Marriott wedding, you are in luck because the hotel is located just across the street from the beach which makes it easy for a beach side photo shoot and the opportunity to get some really spectacular infrared wedding images.

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Posted on January 20, 2008

Wow! This lighthouse pic is awesome! The others are beautiful too. Yipee! I'm excited...


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You guys are amazing!

Posted on January 20, 2008

Hi Jeff and Robin!

We just wanted thank you for our beautiful album. We appreciate all of your efforts to make each page look absolutely perfect for us! We had a great time reliving our day by flipping through the pages. You guys are amazing! Thanks again!

~ Nathan & Jessica Unger

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My first wedding of 2008!

Posted on January 8, 2008

My first South Florida wedding of 2008 was at the beautiful Pier Top Room of the Hyatt Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale. In case you aren’t familiar with the Pier Top Room, it is very unique! If you are planning a wedding in South Florida you should check out the Hyatt Pier 66. The entire room rotates 360 degrees, revealing a panoramic view of the city, the intracoastal waterway and the Port of Fort Lauderdale. The lights of South Florida twinkle from every angle while in the Pier Top Room, creating a truly magical feeling. As far as South Florida weddings go, Jessica and Asia’s wedding was a wonderful party to ring in the new year and I had a great time photographing their wedding! Their wedding planners, Kerline Docteur and Lori Patterson, did a fabulous job of bringing everything together for this occasion. Definitely check out the Pier Top Room of the Hyatt Pier 66 – it is really cool! I have another wedding there in a few weeks and I am looking forward to working there again so soon.

One final image.

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