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South Florida Aerial Photography & Video

Posted on November 30, 2014

As a professional South Florida photographer, the innovation of the drone into the world of photography was an exciting breakthrough for me! As much as I love photographing events and subjects from ground level, the advent of drone photography definitely is an enhancement to the traditional photographic coverage I can provide. Besides the obvious novelty of aerial photography, the ability to photograph and create video from above allows for a unique perspective and overall view that just cannot be achieved with traditional shots.

There are many businesses that can benefit from aerial images that can provide views like never before, highlighting the scope of an event or project that will do nothing less than impress. Some various businesses that lend themselves to aerial photography coverage would include:

Real estate developers and agents
Entertainment related outdoor events
Engineering firms
Architectural firms
Local and federal government agencies
Country Clubs, to feature their grounds, housing and events
Banks and finance companies
Construction companies
Property owners
Law firms

The great advantage to aerial photography is that the drone is small enough to go where a helicopter can’t. Care is taken to fly only in permitted zones and to follow all rules regarding height and location. In addition to still photos we can operate the drone as a video camera, creating breathtaking panoramic shots from above at angles that simply cannot be achieved from the ground.

Aerial photography and video materials is perfect for all types of sales presentations and your clients will be wowed. They will see the full scope of whatever it is you are trying to present. Whether a new housing development in the midst of construction, to a completed development with many homes for sales – drone photos will capture the essence of the entire area. Having a club opening and want to show the excitement of crowds gathering? What better way to show this than with a cool overhead drone shot. The possibilities for aerial drone photography are endless – and as a South Florida photographer and a remote control enthusiast, I can provide the skills necessary to produce the best looking drone photo and video footage ever.

Why bother with hiring a helicopter operator to get these high level shots? South Florida aerial drone photography is here to stay and the sky is literally the limit! The uses and benefits of aerial drone photography are endless – there is nothing that matches it in terms of creating a marketing WOW and for producing a mind-blowing presentation. Contact us now to learn more about how this South Florida photographer can produce aerial drone photography and video footage that will knock your socks off and take your marketing materials to new heights!

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Everglades University

Posted on November 10, 2014

Everglades University Slideshow from Jeff Kolodny on Vimeo.

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South Florida Corporate, Special Event and Commercial Photography

Posted on September 24, 2012

South Florida is a very popular area when it comes to companies choosing a location to host their corporate events. From Palm Beach, to Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale all the way down to Miami, companies throughout the country and beyond have their pick of many large hotels and venues that can accommodate large groups for nearly any type of corporate function such as fundraisers, sales meetings, award shows, corporate outings and tradeshows.

Choosing a photographer to cover these events can be a time consuming and difficult process. Often the photographer has to not only cover the events and speakers but also photograph portraits, celebrities, award shows, sales meetings, and trade shows .

It’s also not uncommon for corporate clients to require on-site printing and the burning of photo CDs or DVDs that are needed at the end of the awards show or convention. In addition, we can share your photographs online so that others involved with your convention can log in and view images as well.


One very popular location for special events is the famous Eden Roc hotel. Located close to South Beach, the Eden Roc offers a beautiful beach as well as large ball rooms and meeting spaces - just perfect for your corporate sales meetings or conventions. In addition, the Eden Roc is directly across from the intracostal waterway. An evening cruise is a great way for attendees to relax and unwind after a busy day of meetings and seminars.

One popular novelty many out of town companies like to take advantage of here is having part of their South Florida corporate event on a yacht – and there are plenty to choose from, plus numerous docking locations throughout the area. Cruising up and down the intracoastal waterway for a few hours is a real treat for groups flying in from other parts of the country where boat rides are not even possible. This is always a great time for your event photographer to capture pictures of your sales team having a great time in a more casual setting.

We specialize and do enjoy photographing South Florida corporate events of all types – I have done work for so many varied types of companies – from the medical field to fashion events, store openings, conventions, travel companies, universities, political events and so much more. Many times these events have really interesting and high profile speakers as well, so that’s an added bonus when I am photographing South Florida corporate events.


Dr. Robert Kriegel uses his water pistol to make get his point across during one of his informative and entertaining lectures.

Author of the international bestseller: "If it ain’t broke...BREAK IT!", Dr. Kriegel has been called by U.S. News & World Report one of this country’s leading authorities in the field of change and human performance. His book, "Sacred Cows Make The Best Burgers", made Business Week’s bestseller list. His latest book about innovation and “out of the box” thinking is "How to Succeed in Business Without Working so Damn Hard."

The scope and range of corporate event photography in South Florida is tremendous and our studio provides many different services, including both photography and video. Some events require that we shoot and print photos on the spot, while others simply require a disc of images to be mailed out to the company after the event. Whatever their needs, we try to accommodate as best we can and process the images quickly, as is most often required.

When selecting a South Florida corporate photographer, you should look for someone who is well established with a solid reputation and who is recommended by many prominent venues in the area. Our studio is always happy to receive inquiries for corporate event photographic services – we love meeting all the new people and learning about the different organizations and what they do. It’s not only a job for us, but often a learning experience as well. We also have several great photographers on staff, to assure that there is always someone available to shoot at the various events and hours that are required for each corporate event.

As a South Florida photographer, I enjoy photographing all different kinds of events – not just weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Corporate event photography jobs usually fall during the week – which is perfect, as most weddings are on the weekend. This means that we are most often available to accommodate companies seeking our services.

If you are looking to host your corporate event in South Florida, please give us a call – we can even help you find the perfect location given the size and type of meeting or event you are having.

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Corporate/Commercial & Event Photography in South Florida

Posted on April 30, 2012

Are you looking for a South Florida photographer? You may be surprised to find so many of those who offer their professional photography services. It could be confusing to choose and hire a South Florida event, corporate or commercial photographer especially when all of them offer different value propositions. The amount of corporate photographers in South Florida are broad and differentiated.

By being properly guided, it would be much easier to find and hire a reliable and good South Florida photographer. You may ask yourself several important questions. Is the South Florida event photographer professionally qualified? Is the style of photography in line with what you are actually looking for? Is the portfolio good? Do you like that South Florida photographer?

It is important that the photographer be professionally qualified especially if you are requiring corporate photography. You may check the training and background of the photographer before hiring. He should have affiliations and memberships in industry and professional bodies. The style should be considered an important factor. Sometimes, a South Florida event or commercial photographer is better covering casual events than doing corporate photography.

The portfolio of the photographer could say so much about the professional. Actual works do not lie. You could instantly tell whether you like the style and attack of the photographer when covering events and capturing images. Face the reality that not all are gifted with the talent and skill to take pictures at the best angles. Different photography techniques and methods should also be exhibited properly. This is also the time when you decide whether you like a more formal approach in photography over a more relaxed style.

As usual, it is best to shortlist as many photographers as you could. In general, interviewing at least three South Florida photographers would be ideal. Make no hasty and impulsive decisions during interviews. Do not decide about hiring unless you are done interviewing all in your shortlist. This way, you could never be wrong about hiring the right South Florida photographer.

Lastly, it is important that you like the overall personality of the photographer you are about to hire. You could not possibly work best with a South Florida photographer who is not approachable and who has the negative attitude towards you and your event. You may be tempted to hire a photographer who is also a close friend or who is a relative. Refrain from doing so especially when it is purely business. You surely do not like to destroy friendships and relationships if things get out of hand.

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Corporate Event at the Ritz-Carlton – South Beach.

Posted on July 24, 2008

In addition to weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs, we also love to photograph corporate events. As a South Florida photographer, shooting corporate events can be just as satisfying and creative as shooting a wedding. Large companies often invest tremendously in wowing their employees with elaborate set-ups for each of the scheduled events. Also, South Florida is a great place for conferences and corporate retreats because there are SO many great hotels and resorts to choose from. We have fun photographing everything from political gatherings, corporate events for banks and law firms etc.
The event featured here was photographed at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach and the magnificent décor was created by the artistic talents of Robert Torres of Grande Affaires. If you are looking for a South Florida photographer for your corporate event, feel free to contact us for a quote.

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