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Samantha & Arryn’s South Florida Destination Wedding at Boca Raton Resort

Posted on March 3, 2019

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Samantha and Arryn’s magnificent wedding at the Boca Raton Resort. This lovely couple met through JSwipe, a Jewish dating app! We have had lots of clients who have met online, but Samantha and Arryn are the first couple we have met who actually met through an app. Samantha explained that they went to a restaurant in NYC for their first date and they have been together almost every day ever since.

We have found that many clients who live in colder climates, select South Florida for their wedding as their guests have the opportunity to come down and get out of the cold and use the wedding as an excuse for a full vacation! What better place to do that than at Boca Raton Resort? With its amazing architecture and lush grounds, the Boca Raton Resort is the go to place in this part of South Florida. The resort also offer many options for events and weddings, as they have a variety of ballrooms and unique spaces to host all types and sizes of events. In addition, there is a beach club venue that is part of the resort and also a country club if that is more your style. Our bride and groom worked with Alison Preiss at the resort and she was extremely helpful to us in the days leading up to the wedding and throughout the event.

BELOW: First Look between Bride and her Father.

BELOW: First look between Bride and Groom.

The Boca Raton Resort is in the heart of Boca Raton, an elegant and upscale city here in South Florida. Know for its fabulous beaches, high-end shopping and huge array of restaurants, Boca Raton is the perfect place to host a stylish and classy affair sure to impress all of your guests – whether they are local to South Florida or have traveled here just for the occasion.

Samantha and Arryn certainly did their research when hiring vendors. They were lucky enough to find Headliners, the band they hired. They were thrilled with their energy and the fact that they had everyone out on the dance floor all night. Samantha explained that her grandfather had been a member of the Boca Raton Resort when she was little. She was familiar with the venue and it was always her dream to get married there. It turned out that Alison at the resort already knew Arryn and offered to help them plan their wedding at the resort as well! As you can see, the choice to book their wedding at the Boca Raton Resort was a no brainer. As a South Florida wedding photographer, I always look forward to photographing weddings at this particular venue. There are so many amazing places to create incredible photos – you just need a cooperative bride and groom and it’s all there for you. Samantha and Arryn were great to work with and we definitely got some wonderful shots, as you will see here.

The bride and groom were familiar with Dalsimer Atlas, as Samantha’s mom knew their business from Long Island in NY. They had actually created the décor for Samantha’s brother’s Bar Mitzvah, so it was an easy decision to hire them for the wedding. They loved their responsiveness and ability to create a vision that was exactly what they had envisioned.

How they found us? Samantha and Arryn said that while they were touring venues, they noticed our photos on the walls of every place. They loved what they saw, so they contacted us. They figured that we were reliable and trustworthy since we were recommended by so many venues – including theirs! My team and myself were thrilled to be part of Samantha and Arryn’s perfect wedding day at the Boca Raton Resort. Many thanks to them for allowing us to capture all of the moments that truly made their day special.

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Recent Instagram Posts

Posted on December 20, 2018

If don't follow me on Instagram, here are a few photos from my recent Instagram post. If you do happen to follow me on Instagram, this is a opportunity to learn more about my photography.

Photo -1. BELOW
This photo was taken during a Jewish wedding ceremony at the Delray Beach Marriott. The Delray Beach Marriott is a very popular wedding venue in South Florida. The beach is directly across the street from the hotel, making it a favorite of brides and grooms. Couples select the Delray Beach Marriott because guests have access to the beach and all the great restaurants and shops around the hotel. This is just one example from the many Jewish weddings that we photograph around South Florida.

Photo -2. BELOW
This lovely portrait of bride with her gown amongst a sea of bridesmaid’s gowns was taken at the Sailfish Marina Resort in Palm Beach Shores, Florida. I’m always looking to create interesting and unique photos, so at this wedding I decided to make a background out of the bride’s gown and bridesmaids dresses. Since each bridesmaids dress was different but the same color, I thought that these bridesmaids’ dresses would make an unusual pastel colored background.
The Sailfish Marina Resort is a fantastic place for a wedding. The resort has a golf course and a marina so if your out of town wedding guests want to play a round of golf or take a boat trip while visiting for your South Florida wedding, they may do so.

Photo -3 BELOW

What a really cool spot for photos! This photo was taken at the Monkey Bar inside Boca Raton Resort and Club. As a preferred wedding photographer at the Boca Raton Resort and Club, I find myself photographing there quite often. Working at the same wedding venue over and over has its advantages because you can become extremely familiar with the layout of the venue and find all the great shooting locations. For example, I know every inch of Boca Resort which allows me to go directly to the areas I know are the best for photos – spots with the most interesting architecture, best lighting and overall ambiance. Boca Resort is a superb choice to host your South Florida wedding. Brides and grooms have the option of spending time at the main hotel and also the yacht club. We have photographed at both locations. However, working in the same venue time after time a photographer can fall into the trap of taking the wedding shots that are the most popular and deemed run of the mill. Nobody wants to fall into that rut. While there are popular photographic locations around the resort that many photographers utilize, often I find that it’s fun to create images in spots that one wouldn’t necessarily think of right away as being good for photos. I love to think out of the box and try to see places in a different way, visualizing how I can make an amazing photograph in an unusual or new location.
For this particular photo, I used the front gate of Boca Raton Resort and Club’s Monkey Bar. However, rather than simply putting the bride in front of the gate, I decided to use a spot light to cast a shadow onto the wall next to the gate. Hope you like the results!

Photo -4. BELOW
Engagement Photo at St Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida
If you are planning a South Florida wedding, then you should also thing about doing a South Florida engagement shoot. By booking an engagement shoot, you not only get beautiful photos, you also have the opportunity to work with your photographer in advance of you wedding day. When shopping for a wedding photographer, a bridal couple will view thousands and thousands of beautiful photographs in all different styles. Some of these styles include traditional portraits, wedding photojournalism, casually posed and fun action shots. For this photo, I had the engaged couple hold hands and walk around a few steps. By having the bride and groom walk, the movement creates a more exciting and spontaneous looking shot.

Photo -5 BELOW
This photo represents a beautiful family tradition. I thought this was very cool. This bottle of whisky was purchased and drank from when the groom was born. It was then re-opened and used for a toast at his wedding. Not every South Florida wedding has details such as this one to photograph. This one was truly very special for the families involved. You can’t tell from the photo, but this photo was captured at Diplomat Country Club - another very popular South Florida wedding venue.
Like the Boca Raton Resort and Club, the Diplomat Country Club also has a beach hotel. Wedding guests can play a round of golf and them spend the day at the Diplomat’s Beach Resort.

If you would like to view my Instagram feed click here: Follow me on Instagram here!

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8 Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding

Posted on October 29, 2018

According to the Destination Weddings Report 2017 Destination Weddings Report 2017, destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. One cannot deny there is a certain allure about getting married in a far-flung location. Whether a tropical beach or the base of a snow covered mountain, there is something magical about tying the knot away from home. However, there are challenges involved when planning a large scale on foreign shores. Here are 8 quick tips to help you plan your destination wedding, and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Tip #1 - Visualize the setting and scale of your wedding

The first thing to do when planning your wedding is to visualize its setting and scale. Do you want to be married in a forest? On a pristine beach by the sea? Or in the snow on a mountain resort? Do you want it to be quaint with a few guests? Or are you planning on bringing a large number of people? Before researching your location, know what setting and scale you want for your wedding.

Tip #2 - Decide on the location

Once you have decided on the scale and setting you want it’s time to start researching locations in relation to your budget. For example, if you want a sandy beach wedding, there are numerous locations to choose from. When comparing possible locations you should take a number of factors into account including:
• The distance of the potential location. The distance of the location is important, as this will affect both the cost of travel and accessibility. For example, picking a location in a different time zone will likely be expensive to get to. It also may take you a couple days to get over jet lag. The last thing you want to be on the day of your wedding is tired. Also, make sure to contemplate the location in terms of accessibility for all your guests. If you have guests coming from different corners of the world, finding a central location can make it easier for guests to travel. Also keep in mind that if the trip is expensive, some guests may not be able to go.
• Cost of the potential venue. It is no secret that wedding venues and all the frills that go along with them are expensive. Therefore compare a number of similar venues but in different countries/areas. This will help you find out which country/area will give you the best bang for your buck. When finally agreeing on a venue, make sure to get everything in writing also.

Tip #3 - Consider the Exchange Rate

Regardless of the location, it is more than likely your wedding is going to be costly. Therefore, something important to consider when contemplating a location is the exchange rate. If you choose a destination with a favorable exchange rate, this can save you a huge amount. If the exchange rate is not in your favor, consider making your weddings purchases at home and having them shipped to your destination.

Tip #4 - Book Your Flights On Time

With so much going on, it can be easy to forget to book your flights early for better value. To save money it is recommended to book your flights on a Sunday at least 3 weeks before your trip. If you are booking multiple flights back and forth, a travel rewards credit card can put money back in your pocket. Using a travel rewards card travel rewards card for your travel and accommodation expenses will net you a significant amount of rewards points. Points can be redeemed for various things such as future flights and hotel bookings. If you use a travel card for all your wedding planning flights, this could easily give you enough points for your honeymoon flights.

Tip #5 - Do multiple research trips

You should aim to travel to and research your potential venue at a number of times prior to the wedding. Ideally, you should visit your venue before booking it and then visit it a number of times after to set up details. It's advisable to meet your potential wedding vendors face-to-face also. Prior to your first visit, make a list of the better-known vendors in the area (for example, florists and caterers) and then meet them and compare them. It is also worth asking around about potential vendors when you land.

Tip #6 - Choose a date, and time it right

If you’re planning a destination wedding, consider doing it in the off-season as opposed to peak time. Peak time in most destinations will drive up travel and accommodation costs. The destination will likely be far busier with tourists also. However, another factor you must consider is the weather. Generally, peak season coincides with the best weather. It is always worth checking if you can book your wedding for just before or after the busy season. Just make sure not to book your wedding in the middle of a hurricane, monsoon, or blizzard.

Tip #7 - Give plenty of notice to potential guests

If you are planning a wedding far from home, make sure to tell your guests as early as possible. It’s a good idea to send save-the-date cards and wedding information six months or more in advance. This will allow them to book flights and source any potential visas they need prior to your big day. It is also recommended to inform them about the destination, how to get there for as cheap as possible, and any items they should pack.

Tip #8 - Research the destination’s legal requirements for marriage

Prior to tying the knot on foreign shores, it is highly important to investigate your destination’s laws regarding weddings. Some countries have a residency requirement, which means you must be in the country for a certain period of time before you can get married there. For example, France will require you to be in the country for a full 40 days prior to your wedding date.

When planning a destination wedding always remember that planning and preparation are key. Make sure to do all the research you can into your destination and follow these tips to help your big day go all that bit smoother. And on a final note, congratulations and enjoy your big day!

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Boca Raton Resort and Club an Awesome place for a South Florida Wedding.

Posted on June 13, 2018

BELOW: This photo was taken on the croquet course at Boca Raton Resort and Club. This part of the property is located on a lawn furthest from the water. It is much less windy at this location. However with a few light tugs of the veil it flew up to help create this beautiful veil flying photo.

As an experienced wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to shoot a wide variety of people at venues all over Florida and the Caribbean. South Florida offers some amazing wedding venues. It doesn’t matter if you are in Palm Beach, Broward or Dade counties, if it’s in South Florida I’m sure there is an awesome wedding venue close by. Having all these great locations gives me the ability to not only experiment with my art but also push the envelope of creativity as well. Some of my favorite wedding venues are: The Breakers, The Eau Palm Beach, Vizcaya in Miami, and The Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale. There are also a ton of Country Clubs and Golf Clubs as well.

BELOW: One of the things I love most about Boca Resort is the huge property with many buildings. Every structure at Boca Raton Resort and Club is unique and has an interesting design. Normally clients ask for photos in the most popular locations. The Grand Staircase, The Fountain in the front of the hotel and the Yacht Club are all beautiful locations. However, with a little bit of exploring you can find hidden gems of architecture that are unique.
This location is at the back of the special event conference building. Most wedding couples never visit this part of the venue. However, if time allows there are several beautiful structures that make great backgrounds.

Recently I had a super crazy wedding weekend. My Friday evening started with a luxury event in Miami, Saturday I was in Broward County covering another commercial event and on Sunday I was at one of my favorite locations in Palm Beach County at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. I have been working at Boca Resort for years and know virtually every inch of the property.
Boca Resort offers a multitude of amenities including 11 award-winning restaurants, a luxurious spa experience, access to fun activities like boating, surfing, and golfing, not to mention Boca by Design, the resort’s wedding and design team.

BELOW: Another fantastic place for photos at Boca Raton Resort and Club is located along side of the Mizner Center. This part of the resort has humongous ballrooms inside. If you walk from the Mizner Center to the main hotel you would most likely walk down this hall. What is most unique about this location is the ceiling made of wood. The hotel pink color is really apparent in this part of the hotel.

BELOW: This very tall wedding cake was created by the pastry chef at Boca Resort and the floral decor was provided by Boca by Design, which is Boca Resort's in house florist and design company.

However, the real draw of this South Florida luxury hotel is the hotel itself. Sitting right along the Atlantic coast it’s nestled right in the heart of South Florida’s Mediterranean inspired historic village. The main hotel sits on a golf course and a separate hotel sits right on the beach. With its elegant features and unique look, you can truly have an international experience without the international travel at this luxury Waldorf Astoria Resort. The architecture is simply stunning. The rounded archways are the perfect place to steal a kiss with your new spouse. The beautiful columns are ideal for framing your bridal party as they stand by you on your big day and the gorgeous tile work provides a nice pop of color to any image.

BELOW: Jessica and Steven taking a walk through Boca Raton Resort and Clubs Lobby.

Speaking of color, the Boca Raton Resort & Club is famous for its pink hues, providing the perfect contrast to any wedding photo. Towering over 20 stories high it’s the perfect place to get ready for the big day

BELOW: At the end of a wedding ceremony all the ring bearers and the flower girl walked back down the aisle together. This gave me the perfect opportunity to gather them all together for this, Hands Up! photo.

Not quite convinced yet? Let me paint you a picture.
It’s your big day, you step off the balcony and toast with your friends as anticipation for the ceremony builds. You say “I do” in the courtyard surrounded by your friends and family, the warm South Florida air, and the lush greenery. You eat dinner in the most elegant setting you can imagine. You experience your first dance with your loved one in a large ballroom with high ceilings and crystal chandeliers

BELOW: In addition to weddings Boca Raton Resort and Club also does a huge amount of corporate and special events. Imagine having your corporate event on a beautiful beach in sunny warm South Florida while most the rest of the country is in a deep freeze. This ice sculpture was created by the event design team at Boca Resort.

Then, as the night draws to a close, you sneak down to the beach kick off your shoes and spend some one-on-one time with your new spouse before the night comes to an end. If that doesn’t quite match your dreams of a Florida destination wedding, the Boca Raton Resort & Club has a ton of options that fit any bride whether you’re looking for something more adventurous, say on a yacht at the marina, or more traditional in their immaculate “Cathedral Room”. No matter what your style, this luxury resort is sure to wow your guests and make your Boca Resort Wedding one to remember.

BELOW: I received a call from Bill Summerlin, The Special Events Designer/ Social manager /Boca Raton Resort ,Waldorf Astoria, Boca By Design at Boca By Design. He told me that a guy was going to propose to his girlfriend just before they have dinner at the resort. I arrived early and acted like I was photographing boats or birds or something with a long telephoto lens. When the marriage proposal happened I was able to photograph the entire thing.
Afterwards I took the couple around for a short engagement photo-shoot.

As one of their preferred photographers, I know first-hand that saying your vows in front of this towering pink hotel is truly a unique experience and will provide you with gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime.

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9 Important tips for getting great South Florida Beach Wedding Photos.

Posted on May 29, 2018

BELOW: Beach wedding photography offers endless opportunities to get creative unique wedding photos. The photo below was taken at the Delray Beach Marriott. For this shot I used a slow shutter speed and a tripod. During the slow exposure I had the bride and groom hold still while the bridesmaids ran behind the bride and groom.
The Delray Beach Marriott gives the bride and groom the opportunity to shoot fantastic photos around the hotel as well as the opportunity to get those fantastic beach photos. It's the perfect Florida hotel for the bride who wants to keep her wedding gown neat and clean before and during the ceremony and then take photos on the beach during the cocktail hour.

The idea of having a beach wedding is very appealing to many people. While a South Florida beach wedding is certainly a novelty for people living in cold climates up north, a wedding on the beach also holds a strong appeal to people living almost anywhere in the country. Warm breezes, the soothing sounds of the ocean, the feel of sand beneath ones toes are all reasons why many couples choose to have a South Florida beach wedding. Not to mention, those romantic “beachy” bride and groom photos that will be taken! Southern Florida has a huge selection of beach locations. Beautiful Florida beaches are found in many different towns such as, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami Beach, and all over Broward County as well as Dade County. There are, however, some important tips to keep in mind when planning a wedding on or by the beach.

BELOW: The photo below was taken at The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach. The Palms Hotel and Spa is a fantastic place for a Florida Beach Wedding. This location gives the Bride and Groom the option of having either a beach ceremony or a ceremony under their beautiful gazebo located on the hotel property. Many of the hotels on Collins avenue in South Beach and Miami Beach are located in public beach areas. For this photo I had to photoshop out several beach goers. If you're a Florida Beach Photographer than having awesome photoshop skills is a must because because removing objects from background comes with the territory.
If you are planning a wedding in Miami Beach or Dade County than a visit to the Palms Hotel should be on your list.

Tip #1: Managing a windy day

Although the beach can be a beautiful spot for a wedding, it is a wide open area with no barriers - and the wind usually blows in from the ocean to the shore. Depending on the particular conditions on your wedding day, you could end up in a very windy, uncomfortable position as the bride. If you are facing the camera with your back to the ocean, the wind could definitely be an issue. A long flowing hairdo could end up more than windblown, flying in your face and creating a uncomfortable problem and affecting your photos. To avoid potential issues, be sure to check the wind forecast for the day and work with your hairstylist to create an appropriate hairdo that will best withstand wind.

BELOW: It was certainly a windy day when the below photo was taken. I shot this black and white photograph at the Harbor Beach Marriott in Fort Lauderdale. As one of Broward County's most beautiful wedding photography locations the Harbor Beach Marriott offers a wide range of shooting locations.
Since it's a hotel located on the beach, brides and grooms have the option of having either a "toes in the sand" beach ceremony or a "keep your feet clean" ceremony on the upper deck.

Tip #2: Crowd control

If you are getting married at one of South Florida’s many magnificent beachfront hotels such as the Eau, Palm Beach, Boca Raton Resort and Club or The Breakers than crowds, shouldn’t be much of issue, but if you are conducting your ceremony at a public beach, crowding could be a problem – especially on a Saturday or Sunday. Definitely keep this in mind when selecting the perfect spot for your South Florida beach wedding. If you book your entire wedding at a hotel location, if it becomes too hot out at the beach, guests can escape indoors to cool off. This isn’t possible at a public beach location, so be sure to provide cold water and select a somewhat shady area if at all possible.

BELOW: An Ocean background always makes for a great photography opportunity. The flowers and ceremony canopy in this shot were created by Xquisite events in Boca Raton. Flowers and decor always look great against the sand and ocean.

Tip #3: Obtain proper permits

This brings us to tip #3. If you do decide to have your wedding ceremony at a public beach location, make sure that you contact city hall to obtain a permit if necessary. After all, you’ll be setting up chairs and possibly an arch, maybe even having musicians set up. The last thing you’ll want to happen is to be evicted from your location for not having a legal permit. Again, this is not an issue if you are using a beachfront hotel property as your location.

BELOW: This photo was taken in Naples Florida. There is a big difference between the beaches on the East Coast of the Florida and the West Coast of Florida. The East Coast Beach locations such as, Palm Beach, Jupiter Beach, Fort Lauderdale Beach and Miami have thicker sand and larger ocean waves.
The West coast of Florida which includes Naples, Marco Island, Fort Myers and Sarasota have finer softer more powered sand and much calmer water. The ripple effect on the sand is caused by the fine powder like sand which is only on the west coast of South Florida.

Tip #4: Transportation

If you are planning to take your wedding photos at a beach location, you should arrange to have transportation for yourselves and your wedding party to be dropped off and picked up. Parking can be limited at South Florida public beaches, especially on weekends or in the high tourist season. In addition, if you are having your ceremony at the beach, but guests are coming over from a hotel or other single location, you should consider arranging transportation for them. It could be very frustrating for guests to arrive at the beach and then not be able to find parking. This scenario could also hold up your ceremony from beginning on time. It is much easier for your guests to know that their transportation to and from the beach ceremony is being handled.

BELOW: Taken at The Breakers, Palm Beach. Looking out your hotel window and seeing a beautiful ocean view is a great perk of having your wedding at a hotel on the Beach.

Tip #5: Sun block

The South Florida sun is strong and one might get sunburned even just sitting outside for ½ hour for a wedding ceremony. As the bride, work with your make-up artist regarding sunblock or make-up that provides some sort of sun protection. Also, make sure that your bridal party and family are prepared with sunblock protection as well. I have photographed many weddings with embarrassed red-faced bridesmaids.

BELOW: Choosing a Fort Lauderdale Beach location means that you could very well have a cruise ship in your ceremony background. The Broward County Port Everglades Terminal serves many cruise lines. Ships usually pull out of Port Everglades around 5PM which means if you are having an evening beach ceremony you very well may be treated to the scene of a cruise ship in your ceremony background.

Tip #6: Hire a wedding planner who specializes in beach weddings

Destination weddings are very popular in South Florida – and BEACH destination weddings are especially requested by out of state couples planning weddings here. Some wedding planners actually specialize in producing beach weddings and know which beach locations and hotels are best. The can make great suggestions as to which vendors to use who can best manage a beach wedding and make the most of it for the bride and groom. An expert wedding planner can make a big difference in making sure that the experience of having a South Florida beach wedding is a memorable one and not one that is uncomfortable and haphazard.

BELOW: Another windy beach photo. This photo was taken at a beach local to Boca Raton Resort and Club. For this photo the Bride, Groom and myself were dropped off at this location. We walked over to the beach for this shot. It was a very windy day but by having the bride face the ocean her hair and veil were blown back behind her keeping the hair out of her face. Since the groom had short hair he didn't have to worry about the wind as much.

Tip #7: Bring sunglasses

These are helpful for keeping your eyes comfortable and can also be use as beach props for photos. If your eyes are at all sensitive to the sun, definitely bring a pair of good sunglasses – there is always a glare at the beach. You can also possibly have these made as a “gift” for your guests with your wedding date and name imprinted on them. Other sun-protective items that you can use include hates and parasols. These are also excellent props for taking cool and fun wedding photos at the beach.

BELOW: The photo below was taken at The Palm's Hotel in South Beach. The rocks that line the ocean waves made for a great multi level pedestal for the bridal party. This shot would also have worked great with the entire bridal party wearing sunglasses.

Tip #8: Hire a photographer who can handle beach lighting conditions

As a South Florida wedding photographer, I highly recommend that you select someone who has lot of experience photographing events at the beach. The lighting conditions may be harsh, so experience shooting in these conditions can be very helpful and make the difference between good usable photos and photos with bad lighting that are just plain unflattering. The beach is a beautiful place, but due to its all natural and open setting, the lighting (sun) can be directly overhead and a heavy back lit situation may occur. There could be soft lighting at dusk or really bad direct lighting right in your face. Our studio has a tremendous amount of experience shooting at the beach. First, in Southern California where the sun would set at the couples’ back when facing the shore. Here, in South Florida, the sun tends to shine on peoples faces when facing the shore in the evening. Some beach lighting conditions are easier to deal with than others. Certain conditions are incredibly difficult and require a lot of professional photographic skill to be able to maneuver so that excellent photos are achieved. You’ll need a photographer who is able to handle it all in stride.

BELOW: This photo was taken at the private beach at The Ritz-Carlton, Bal Harbor. Shooting at a beach location means that in addition to ocean views there is a good chance that you will have beautiful landscape views in other directions. The scenery for this shot came courtesy of the Ritz Carlton hotel.

Tip #9: Hire a studio that is awesome at retouching

Given all the random beach elements, even the best photographer will have to retouch some images to enhance them to their maximum beauty. Such things as blowing hair, shine on faces, and indiscriminate sunbathers and beach walkers in the background will have to be retouched out in some photos. It is unreasonable to expect your photographer to remove and/or retouch out these items in every single photo, but certainly in key photos or photos that will be part of an album will require extra retouching. Some studios are better skilled than others at retouching. You want the retouching to look natural, simply removing elements that detract from the beauty of the images. Some enhancements may be added that render certain photos more dramatic, such as adding color or contrast to the sky etc., but again this type of retouching should really only be applied to certain key photos – not the entire batch. As a South Florida wedding photography studio, we spend many hours retouching as necessary each wedding that we photograph, within reason, to create images that are memorable and special to look at. There are always several key images that we spend extra time on to make them unique to our style, creating an extra special memory for the bride and groom.

BELOW: This beach photo was taken at a Destination Wedding in Curacao. To add foreground interest I shot this through the beach landscape. When shooting beach photos I always try to make sure that the most flattering light hits the bride and grooms face. In this case the fact that the sun was behind the couple make for nice even facial lighting. I also added a little bit of on camera flash to ensure that the faces didn't go too dark. If the sun was hitting their faces in a less flattering way I would have used more flash power to fill in the harsh shadows making a flattering portrait.

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