Jody Kling: Jeff Kolodny was our Wedding the Breakers! He is amazing along with the Breakers! May happiness and love be in your future.....jody kling (Sep 21, 08, 08:34pm)

barbara thornton, sarah's hs principal: Congratulations Sarah and Shane. What a beautiful bride and a great setting. I went to my niece's wedding at the Breaker's last year. Best wishes to the entire Giralomo family. bt (Aug 6, 08, 11:41am)

Tom & Marlene Davis: Shane & Sarah, The pictures of your wedding are beautiful! Everything looks so elegant that it had to be a bride's dream come true. Hope the best for both of you and many years of happiness as husband and wife. (Jul 12, 08, 07:53pm)

Becki: These pictures are beautiful =) Sarah you look absolutely radiant and classic. You really do make a stunning bride =) It looks like you two had a fairytale wedding come true =) I am so happy for you guys!! Congratulations =) I can't wait to see more! (Jul 11, 08, 05:04pm)

Lynn and Joe Girolamo: The photos allow us to relive Sarah and Shanes' very special day. Jeff, you captured so many great moments! Thanks for recording such happy memories for our daughter and son-in-law, so creatively. Sarah and Shane, you are gorgeous! Congratulation! Much Love! (Jul 11, 08, 04:01pm)

Carol Getz: What a beautiful couple--what a beautiful wedding!! Sarah, I can't believe you're all grown up!! (Jul 10, 08, 08:31pm)

Justine : Beautiful pictures Jeff! Sarah you made an absolutely stunning bride and the reception was just lovely. (Jul 10, 08, 09:50am)

Linda & Bill Essig: What a night! What a party! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Sarah, you are always stunning, but your wedding "look" was as outstanding as any bride would ever wish for. Thank you for including us in this special moment of your lives. Love and happiness to you always. (Jul 10, 08, 09:18am)

Erin: You have beautiful photos to capture a perfect night. Can't wait to see the rest! (Jul 10, 08, 09:11am)

Dave Weiss: "You guys are like butter, like 2 sticks of butter salted and whipped"........(SNL Coffee Talk, Mike Myers) (Jul 10, 08, 09:03am)

Jamie: It's amazing what a camera can do for you Shane! (Jul 10, 08, 08:12am)

Leigh & Juan: Great Pictures! You both looked amazing. The smiles on your faces was worth a thousand word. We love you and cannot wait to see the rest of the photos! (Jul 10, 08, 08:08am)

Lisa & Jordan: Everything was sooo beautiful & the pics are GORGEOUS! Congrats again, Sarah & Shane BLAIN!!!!!! (Jul 10, 08, 08:06am)

Sarah Girolamo: Jeff, thank you for the wonderful pics! You and Natalie did an awesome job! I cant wait to do more pictures with in you in future! (Jul 10, 08, 07:38am)

Holly Biehl: Congratulations! These photographs are amazing - truly stunning! I am so happy for you both. (Jul 10, 08, 07:19am)

Annie: I LOVE the picture of everyone at the ceremony at ground level! You are such a beautiful bride! I can't wait to see more! (Jul 10, 08, 05:15am)

Jamie & Perry: Congratulations Mr & Mrs Blain! We had an amazing time and you both looked fabulous! Timeless ;-) It was a magnificent night for your fairy tale wedding. Love you both! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. (Jul 9, 08, 10:27pm)

knottie luv: You guys are a beautiful couple - eeverything looked great - gorgeous cake/cp etc........ (Jul 9, 08, 10:09pm)

Jason Minton: Awesome pictures, you are a true artist! Jason (Jul 9, 08, 10:00pm)

Angie: Stunning!!! Just gorgeous! (Jul 9, 08, 09:59pm)