deep: very nice.....The pictures are amazing (Jan 30, 09, 11:08pm)

Abby: AMY!!! Jeff was our wedding photographer too! Good Choice! I saw your photo on here and couldn't believe it. Abby Cope (Cannucciari) (Sep 21, 08, 08:28pm)

Brooke & Joshua: So great, Jeff! We don't know how we missed seeing these on your site because we are always showing people your gorgeous photos! Thanks so much! We are so excited for the wedding and the fantastic photos we will be receiving! (Apr 17, 08, 01:25pm)

Amy: Thank you so much!!! The pictures are amazing! My mom was crying when she saw them. Can't wait for the wedding!!! (Mar 31, 08, 11:16am)

Amy and Jon: Jeff, the pictures are amazing, we love them!!! Can't wait for the wedding (Mar 27, 08, 08:18pm)