Sharry Gensolin: I loved that picture (rings) from the moment I saw my proofs. I'm glad that others had an opportunity to love it as much as I! Way to be recognized, Jeff. Congrats! (Mar 28, 08, 10:21pm)

Chantal Allam: Congratulations! Well deserved. So happy to see our photo is among the winning shots! We knew all along, and we're still so happy with our photos! (Mar 23, 08, 05:13pm)

Kathy Blum: Congratulations! You are truly one of the "top" in the business. (Mar 21, 08, 05:38pm)

Amanda Gromosaik: Dear Jeff & Robin, We can't begin to tell you how flattered we are that you entered a photo from our wedding into a contest...and WON! Congratulations! So often, we have sung your praises to our friends and family, as we've shared our wedding album. Thank you, so very much, for capturing our day full of woderful memories, in such warm and dramatic fashion. Our best, Amanda & Kevin (Mar 21, 08, 07:40am)

Amanda & Kevin: Dear Jeff & Robin, Wow! We CANNOT tell you how honored we feel, that you would have entered this photo from our wedding, into competition...and WON...!!! If you only knew how often we have sung your praises, as we shared our photos with friends and family... Thank you, so much, for fulfilling our experience by capturing the memory, in ways that we never could imagine. Our Best, Kevin & Amanda (Mar 20, 08, 07:33pm)

Amanda's SIL, Kim: Go that picture of my sil, Amanda! You deserve it Jeff-way to go! My brother and sil's wedding pictures were gorgeous, even if they did make it a little easy for you. ;) (Mar 20, 08, 06:43pm)

Beth Vigna: Congratulations, Jeff, on honors so well deserved! (Mar 20, 08, 07:35am)