Kitti: I absolutly love your work. I am so excited that you will be shooting our wedding! I know we are in good hands with you, I cna wait til our engagement shoot!! (Mar 4, 08, 08:46pm)

Regina Key: Oh what a beautiful bride you made, your husband is quite the looker too. Happiness forever to you both. (Feb 26, 08, 09:42am)

Suzanne: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Feb 21, 08, 10:26am)

Mary Ann: God! You are such a beautiful bride and look so happy. May you both be blessed with all of the love and happiness the two of you deserve. (Feb 17, 08, 02:33am)

Coral Cooper: You look like you should be in a magazine!! You look Beautiful!! dress is gorgious! (Feb 13, 08, 03:24pm)

Nancy Sansone: Carol, you look absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! (Feb 11, 08, 08:54am)

Karen: I love the pictures! They are so beautiful! You really captured how special the day was! I can't wait to see the rest!!!!! (Jan 31, 08, 08:37pm)