Jeff Kolodny: Hi Kim, I shot with Nikon for years. However, when Canon came out with the Mark 2 with it's full frame sensor I found myself wishing for a bigger viewfinder and faster lenses. By a faster lens I mean a lens with a wider f-stop which will let in more light and let me shoot in darker situations. I purchased a Canon Mark 2 and although I still liked my Nikon better I felt the big clunky Mark 2 took a better image. So for a while I shot with both the Nikon D200 and the Canon Mark 2. When the Canon D5 came out, I bought one right away. Even though I have a few thousand dollars worth of Nikon gear - I guess I'm really a Canon shooter now. Lenses I use are mostly the 50-1.4, 35,mm 1-4L, The 70-200-2.8 IS - I also have several wide angle L-lenses. Currently Nikon has then new D3 out which I hear is an amazing new camera - if you can get one. WIll I buy one? Maybe, Although Nikon really pissed me off when all the rubber fell off of my D200! I think I''ll wait as see what Canon does next. In March, I'll be in Las Vegas for WPPI - Wedding Portrait Photography International. I'll be sure to have a chat with the Canon tech people. Our other photographer, Albert shoots with Nikon/Fuji - He loves his D200 and just picked up a new D300 which I hear is a really beautiful camera. He also shoots with the Fuji S5 which is just a great camera as well. The bottom line is it's not the camera it's the photographer. We shoot with different camera because it's our personal preference. However, I've won awards with images taken with Nikon, Canon, Fuji - Hasselblad, Contax and so on. It's really about the photographer and not the camera. THe camera is only the tool. I live in Photoshop. Currently - I'm using CS3 with lot's of plug-ins and filters. I'm very picky about what filters I use and believe that the image must be solid right out of the camera. We mostly shoot 4 gig cards because 1 card will fit on a DVD - We always shoot in the RAW + .jpg mode because even though I like to work with Raw files I want the.jpgs at a back-up. After the wedding each card gets off loaded to an external hard drive and a DVD get burned from each card as well. I want to have a dupe copy of each card way before any image get opened. Once we are finished with the back-up which usually takes about 6-8 hours we off load everything to another external drive which then becomes the working drive. (Feb 16, 08, 09:42am)

Kim Ryan: so? what camera do you use? do you photoshop? how do you backup?? :) (Nov 21, 07, 01:45pm)