photos: ah that video was awesome! you guys rock! (Jul 29, 12, 03:55am)

ukrytewkadrze: Hi, You have really interesting pictures. I am wondering what kind of post production you use. I am working in Poland as wedding photographer. With Greatings Kamil Ukryte w Kadrze - fotografia ślubna Łódź. (Jun 8, 12, 05:51pm)

Rudy: Amazing photography here. Love the bridesmaids shots. (May 16, 12, 11:19am)

DC Wedding Photographer: You have some amazing shots! (Apr 30, 12, 01:57pm)

David Wegwart - Colorado: This is fabulous work. The shot of Grandma is priceless. (Mar 10, 12, 11:01pm)

Alexander: I really enjoyed all the pictures of the wedding that you took especially the one with the girls and their cameras and also the one where the bride holds up the mirror and you see the other women in the mirror. You have some really unique pictures there. (Mar 5, 12, 06:06am)

Hannes Uys: Jeff I discovered your blog today and what a revelation!!! (Mar 1, 12, 05:58am)

Rohit: Dear Mr. Jeff this is amazing pictures.. exp bride and her friends photo. Thanks Rohit (Feb 16, 12, 02:28am)

Delaware Wedding Photographer: All I can say is WOW... great job!.. What a beautiful bride! and brides maids lol... This wedding looked like a blast! (Feb 10, 12, 01:04pm)

Fotograf ślubny Kraków: Love this! Great wedding photos. The bribe is look phantastic! (Feb 9, 12, 07:50am)

Erin: BEAUTIFUL PICS!!!!! absolutely gorgeous! What a gift Jeff has, truly captured every moment of the night! Love you both so much! (Feb 6, 12, 07:50pm)

Rachel: ... Made my job that much better for having worlds best photographer! Looking forward to my big day and working with you in the near future <3 (Feb 3, 12, 08:06pm)

Caitlyn: These pictures are absolutely amazingggg - it brings back the night that was truly magical, as was the entire weekend. Jeff couldnt have said it better.....that the love of lauri and brett shines though every single picture. Wish we could go back and do it all over again!!! Love you both - catui (Feb 3, 12, 08:32am)

Lauren&Brett: jeff - we don't even know where to begin. what an unbelievable job capturing our very special day. we are smiling ear to ear as we view this blog and relive the best day of our lives. your pictures and video highlight exactly what every bride and groom only dream of. you and your crew did an AMAZING job!!! (Feb 3, 12, 07:41am)

Jodi: These pictures are unbelievable! Jeff and his team are so talented- but its easy with a bride as beautiful as Laur! What a magical weekend- I’m so honored to have been a part of it. Love you Laur and Brett!! xoxoxo (Feb 3, 12, 07:33am)