Rhommel Photography: Wow! Amazing work and beautifully captured!! Clearly I've just become a fan of your creativity and skills. (Jan 30, 12, 12:17pm)

vasia: love the shot of the bride in the room with the chandelier! (Nov 4, 11, 11:29pm)

RedSphere Wedding Photography: Love the shot through the sunglasses, very creative! Gorgeous wedding! (Oct 26, 11, 01:30pm)

bryan: i just saw a cigar roller at and event i was at. its awesome (Oct 25, 11, 05:40pm)

Ruben Senderey: AMAZING!!!! (Oct 25, 11, 04:33pm)

Niki: Jeff these pictures are amazing!!! You did an awesome job and really captured the day perfectly! I am so happy with the blog and pictures I have seen and cannot wait to see them all!!! We couldn't be happier!!! Thank you! (Oct 21, 11, 01:56pm)

Collages.net Blog Stalker: WOW... your technique is outta this world. Your images are gorgeous! I love the "framing" in the first photo and the B&Ws... BEAUTIFUL! Just Beautiful! (Oct 20, 11, 04:09pm)