Florencia De Salvo: AMAZING PICS!!!!!!! Great job Jeff (Feb 1, 12, 03:19pm)

Mrs Vickie Gates-Lundon: What a beautiful wedding! Emily and Rich, we're so sorry we missed your big day but your pictures are amazing! What a fabulous, lovely couple. Best Wishes from Vickie & Kevin, Liverpool England x (Aug 29, 11, 09:03am)

Leagh@bunchesdirect: Sumptuous wedding! Everything is just perfect! Sorry,I missed a thing-where did the flowers come from? I really like the columns, entwined with flowers and centerpieces are stunning! Wish to have more details! Thank you for sharing! (Aug 5, 11, 07:09am)

Jameykay: Such great photos! her dress is amazing! (Jul 16, 11, 09:25pm)

Derek: Amazing job Jeff, very inspiring. (May 26, 11, 11:44pm)

Scott Kelsey: Amazing... I love that dress. (May 22, 11, 11:25am)

Kim Bullock: Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous photos. I love how you tell the story of the day, it's as if I was there. Beautiful work. (May 19, 11, 10:00pm)

David Ferguson: What a reception room! Very extravagant (as the look on her face shaows). Keep up the good work Jeff. (May 18, 11, 10:51am)