LJP Los Angeles: Love the wedding photos, very creative. (Apr 28, 11, 03:40pm)

Andrew Werner: I don't even know these people, but their wedding was spectacular! Mazel Tov! (Apr 23, 11, 10:24am)

shabnam: I just love her eye!!! very attractive!! (Apr 18, 11, 12:54am)

Vancouver wedding photographer Tamea Burd: These wedding images are truly stunning. You did an absolutely phenomenal job! (Apr 5, 11, 05:50am)

David Fenwick: Brilliant images. Like a previous commenter I absolutely love the group shot. (Mar 25, 11, 06:19am)

Erin Blakely: Beautiful post! I love your eye for detail. It truly captures the essence of this wedding. (Mar 24, 11, 09:55pm)

Atithi Chakma: So loving couple..emotions are captured carefully...happy to see them in such way :) (Mar 17, 11, 03:57am)

Andrea: I love the group shot! (Mar 15, 11, 01:54pm)

Delaware Wedding Photographer: Wow great coverage of this wedding! Bride looks like a princess, i love the coloring and processing of the images. (Mar 14, 11, 02:27pm)

Digital Gold: I love the photos you've taken for Mushka and Mendy. Very well done Jeff! South Florida Automotive Photography (Mar 12, 11, 11:50pm)

Amanda: Wow! Amazing photographs, the centerpieces were breathtaking. Take a look at some of the work we did a wedding in Miami Beach as well: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=102482236490779&aid=20375 (Feb 23, 11, 07:23pm)

New York Photographer: I love your wedding photos. Very original and creative. (Feb 19, 11, 11:54pm)