ImranKhan: wow... what a lovely moments are taken. Love emitting from their every body parts. Very good job. Amazing snaps. (Apr 2, 11, 04:11pm)

Jeff Kolodny: Hi Jenna, Thanks for the comment. Call us at 561-965-9582 and I'll be happy to give you a quote and show you more pictures. (Feb 25, 11, 12:19am)

Jenna Liebermann: Wow... how surprised was I took be hunting for a wedding photographer and come across these beautiful photos of my sorority sister Lauren! I'd love to see more photos and get some quotes! :) Thanks!!! (Feb 25, 11, 12:08am)

Kate : I really loved the texture on the black and white bridge shot. good work! (Feb 17, 11, 01:42pm)

Shamima Sultana: couple is too nice...wonderful these photos. (Feb 10, 11, 03:40am)

jamie: Great wedding photography! (Feb 2, 11, 03:01pm)

Beat Mumenthaler: wonderful pictures and great location! beat (Jan 9, 11, 03:31pm)

Jeff Kolodny: The photo in the long grass was done with an old modified SLR. (D70) Then the image was retouched in PS4. I'll e-mail you some details. Jeff (Jan 8, 11, 12:36pm)

Lauren & Brett: Jeff - these are AMAZING!!!!! We couldn't be any happier on how they turned out. We are anxiously awaiting to see the rest. :) Love, Lauren and Brett (Jan 8, 11, 07:22am)

Bluejay photography: Wow, I love these photos. I was really blown away with the first one of the couple in the long grass. How do you do that post processing. Thanks for posting (Jan 8, 11, 06:09am)