Connecticut Wedding DJs: I love the decorations at the ceremony. Too many people completely ignore the ceremony site. Well done. (Nov 11, 10, 05:59pm)

Albuquerque Wedding Planner: What a beautiful location and the joy the couple was experiencing definitely comes through in the pictures. Nice job! (Nov 9, 10, 12:36am)

bryan: love the barbi shot (Nov 4, 10, 11:58am)

Keith: Very nice wedding photos! (Oct 21, 10, 01:37am)

Thina Doukas Wedding Photography : Awesome work guys. I have bookmarked your site and been browsing through all your wedding posts. Great to see excellent work coming out of the states. Big Hi from Perry in Sydney guys cheers (Oct 4, 10, 08:05am)

Lin and Jirsa Photography: They definitely look like a fun couple. Love the candy favors and the effects on the first shot! (Oct 3, 10, 07:07pm)

Full Moon Farm, Medusa, NY: They look like they had such an amazing time. You really captured it well. (Oct 1, 10, 08:14pm)

San Francisco Wedding Photographer: great images. That first picture, the black and white one, looks like old school infared film! LOL. Keep up the great work. I'll check back again. (Sep 21, 10, 12:14am)