Jeff Kolodny: Thank you Sallie, We will be staying in a Villa in January. Can't wait! (Jul 14, 09, 10:48pm)

Sallie Jameson: these are extraordinary pictures of a perfect wedding. My family and I have been going to Trapp since '87 and it is an important part of our lives. We were at our villa the next week. Congratulations and many wonderful years together. Sallie Jameson (Jul 14, 09, 10:35pm)

Andrew Volansky: Sam, Congratulations, the wedding looks like it was beyond memorable....I need to meet your wife. Hope all is well, hope to see you soon acv (Jul 14, 09, 07:25am)

Roy Llera: Great fun!...this is an amazing wedding both are awesome... (Jun 19, 09, 08:44pm)

Dave L: anyone who get's married at a ski resort is ok with me. anyone who gets marrierd at a ski resort that they own is more ok with me. nice job jeff. DL (Jun 7, 09, 02:53pm)

Caroline G-Trant: From an invited guest who couldn't make it: thank you for capturing these beautiful images and posting them so quickly on your website. From here in Australia, I have a tear in my eye. You captured the magic of the day. (Jun 5, 09, 06:57pm)

Lynne von Trapp, MOG: Hello Jeff and Robyn, Your photos have captured the joy and very special setting of the wedding events. It was wonderful to work with you. Thank you so much. (Jun 5, 09, 04:05pm)

Regina Seppi: Spectacular photos Jeff and Robin! I was impressed at how little time you took to do them, blending right into the wedding day. (Jun 5, 09, 11:44am)

Elisa von Trapp: Dear Robin and Jeff, Your work during our wedding weekend turned out beautifully. Thank you for sharing with us all what you do so well, we enjoyed every photo shoot! We wish you the very best and look forward to your stay in our Villas next year! Elisa (Jun 5, 09, 08:09am)

Jennifer: These are beautiful! Congrats Jeff, you did a GREAT job capturing the beauty of Sam and Elisa along with all the amenities of Trapp Family Lodge. (Jun 4, 09, 11:17am)